Ahh I’m Pregnant!

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I haven’t exactly spoken about my journey towards getting pregnant, so here it is.

I never knew I would feel so much pressure from my own self to get pregnant.

I used to say to other women and friends, “Don’t stress about it! It will happen when it’s the right time! If you stress about it it will only make the process worse and it wont happen.”

So much for practicing what I preach…

I never thought about what it would be like to try to get pregnant until it was my turn.

I had a few situations that were building up my stress levels and hindering my chances of getting pregnant and giving me false hope of being pregnant.

Here they are listed below, because what’s a blog post in 2019 without a list:

1- Crazy levels of stress at work — I was a teacher.

2- Wanting to be pregnant so badly that it was getting out of control in my mind.

3- Trying to time it perfectly so that I wouldn’t be pregnant in my best friend’s wedding.

4- Having an App on my phone that would give me the exact time of ovulation and all that jazz.

and those are just a few of the ones I remember — yeah, I was out of control.

Friends getting pregnant easily also doesn’t help, nor do the stories people tell of how they didn’t want to get pregnant but did by accident, making you want it to happen that much more.

I got so overwhelmed by all of my thoughts that I sat down and had a talk with myself.

I promise its not as crazy as it sounds…

Basically I made a decision to delete that stupid app and just literally have fun trying.

Once it happens it happens.

Although it is easier said than done, but I really wanted to do this for myself.

Fast forward 6 months later…

My husband and I had a performance at this one bar downtown and I was 4 days late.

I didn’t want to think too much into it because it had happened the month before but somehow I still hoped it was true.

I told husby to stop at the pharmacy and I will take the test in the morning if Aunt Flo didn’t show up.

I woke up at 4:30 in the morning, because I’m weird that way, and thought to myself, “meh, why not take the test, now?”

Three minutes later (though it felt like light years) there it was…

The pink plus sign on the stick.

I just sat there staring at it for a good five minutes and I couldn’t believe that it was true.

Am I really pregnant? Is this for real?

Then it clicked and I flew out of that bathroom and jumped on the bed scaring the living shit out of my husband screaming at him that I was pregnant.

Poor guy had a slight heart attack getting woken up like that and didn’t completely understand what happened — probably thought it was a dream.

Obviously, I couldn’t go back to sleep so I decided to call one of my best friends back in the States, let’s call her Wings, and share my news before I burst.

The moment I called, it was like Wings knew.

I mean why on earth would I be calling her at this hour?!

We had our chick-flick moment, laughed, cried, it was great.

Twenty minutes later, phone call over, I’m too happy and excited to go back to bed…

So what does a completely sane and stable newly pregnant woman do?

I clean around the house a little, dust, sweep, do the dishes, fold whatever laundry was left, and then set up the perfect breakfast to be able to re-share the news with the husband when he woke up normally, and all his neurons were firing properly.

Once he woke up, poor guy started telling me about this dream he had of me finally being pregnant and scaring the crap out of him — I mean, seriously, could he be more adorable?

The details were so on point and I just looked at him with the silliest look on my face, you know the one, that cheesy uncontrollable smile from cheek to cheek that children have when they see Mickey Mouse for the first time.

He looked at me, confused, and I finally said, “Honey, it wasn’t a dream. I am pregnant or at least that’s what the test says.”

Now, it was his turn to have that silly look on his face.

We hugged for a good hour in utter disbelief and then decided to keep it a secret and tell our families in a fun way on Christmas.

We went to Maliks Bookshop, a place to print and get customized items, and made everyone a special mug that revealed that Baby Sugar was coming August 2018 to households near you.

I, on the other hand, was a bit panicked on what I am supposed to eat at the Christmas dinner before we tell everyone the news, so I met up with my bestie, let’s call her Godmother (I don’t have to explain that nickname do I?)

She happens to be a dietician/nutritionist, which is such a blessing, and I told her the good news as well as got advice on what to do about the food.

I also had no idea as to how I was going to keep the secret till Christmas Eve, since I absolutely stink at lying and keeping secrets from my loved ones.

I kept it cool until we revealed the good news.

Reactions were explosive to say the least. Everyone was beyond happy and celebrated with us in their own special way. They all expressed how they cannot wait to meet the little one.

Clearly, the pregnancy was healthy, and went almost according to due date plan, but by now you all know that Melody has a mind of her own so she felt she was ready to meet and greet the world two weeks before her actual due date.

I will tell you more about the pregnancy itself on another day!

Woah, I rambled a lot — hope you enjoyed the fun times like I did.

Mama Sugar Out!



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