My Take on Motherhood

Me and Melody

Today is the first time I get to celebrate Mother’s day as a mom, and I have to say that it is quite an exhilarating feeling.

I didn’t know that it would feel so honorable and so humbling but it truly does.

I thought that since it is Mother’s day, or at least it is in Lebanon, I would share my take on motherhood and how the experience has been so far for me personally.

Cue flash back music…

As I was growing up, I always said that one day I would have kids.

I have always loved kids and becoming a mother was always on my life’s bucket list.

I never thought that I would be the type of person who would prioritize my career over having kids and I haven’t disproven myself.

Although, don’t get me wrong, I love to work and I love everything about being productive, having kids, in my mind, always came first…. and so it did.

As you all well know, I am now a stay at home mom and I have no regrets.

I do sing on occasion and love to do that, but while this little one is awake and ready for life I am there to experience it with her.


Motherhood has been quite an adventure!

Melody changes everyday and with her so does motherhood.

From her eating habits to nap times growing smaller everyday… to playing and almost crawling. You never know what she is going to wake up the next day and do differently.

I have come to learn and accept that there is no guidebook to motherhood, it is a great unknown road that you have to just ride and see where it takes you.

No experience is the same, every child is different as is every home and the way they believe is the best way to raise a child.

You can always get some advice and see how it goes but at the end of the day, I have decided to truly believe in my mama-bear instinct.

No one will know what is best for my daughter other than me and my husband.

Becoming a mom changed my perspective on life: It made me rethink my priorities and make sure to put them in check, made me look at all the negative things in my life and see if they are even worth being angry at.

Now let’s be honest here … motherhood is hard work.

You have to be ready and energized from the moment the baby wakes up, to the moment their bedtime arrives.

It is a Twenty-Four hour job that seems to never end.

Just thinking about it can be tiring, but in my personal opinion, it is the most rewarding job of all time, and I couldn’t have asked for a better job.

Although I don’t get to sleep in late — EVER — when I wake up and walk over to her room and see the look on her face when she sees me standing there, it makes me forget all the worries, stresses, and whatever else I have on my mind.

There are always ups and downs throughout the process of motherhood.

The crazy days where she is so cranky I just get the life drained out of me, are an example.

But then, I do something by accident that makes her laugh and smile and all of that pain and exhaustion just gets swept away.

Those little moments when she is upset and all of a sudden hugs me and falls asleep on my chest because she feels safest there is a huge reward in itself.

You see right in front of you what all your hard work is doing.

In my mind, there is no such thing as the perfect mom.

We all make mistakes and hopefully learn from them. The best thing you can do as a mom is be the best you possibly can be and that in itself is more than enough.

I am proud to be a mom, it gave me a new purpose and the best purpose.

It’s crazy to me sometimes to think that she is ours, like truly ours.

I dreamt of being a mom for so long that I sometimes catch myself thinking its a dream and that in the next few moments I will wake up … but that hasn’t happened yet so let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Having Melody made me even more excited about life and the future.

How will it all be? Where will we be? And most importantly, it made me hope that Melody and her future siblings will be proud to call me their mom.

Being a mom is an indescribable feeling!

There are no true words to describe the true love you get from the second you hear the heartbeat of that child.

Having a child and becoming a mother is a privilege that I will never take for granted.

So, Happy Mother’s Day to all you beautiful moms near and far.

Mama Sugar, OUT!



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