When The Bones Are Good

My husband and I have been together in total for a little over 8 years. We met when we were 21 and have been going strong since then.

We got married in 2016 and have now two children, as you all know.

We had been super steady and moving on a certain course ever since the beginning.

Unfortunately, we got dealt a pretty hard set of cards for this year or a little over a year.

I know you might be thinking, yeah so did everyone else, and you might be right, but let’s be honest no one thinks like that.

When you are in your own little world you feel so alone and this leads you down a tough, dark, and lonely road to come back from.

Here’s a short version of what happened:

We basically had our savings stolen from us by the so-called Lebanese government and due to the economic crisis and inflation our family business has basically gone down the drain.

Once that happened and things didn’t seem to be getting better we left everything behind: home, friends, family, and moved back to the United States and were forced to start legit from zero ever since then — a kind of hard re-boot.

We came with nothing but the clothes we packed and some of Melody’s toys and now we are trying to re-build.

Unfortunately, we all know the drill, sometimes when it comes to financial struggle and being under stress and worrying a little way too much, we all tend to just take it out on the people we know will always be there.

Not exactly the best plan though, because if your relationship isn’t strong enough and solid it can completely destroy everything you have built.

With many people I know, the ease of walking away from the relationships they are in really shined a light and made me aware enough to look at what is happening in my own home and make sure everything is alright.

Looking in with a clearer perspective, I noticed that I wasn’t alone in feeling so down on our life and that my husband was also struggling, and maybe in a much harder way.

Since I was a stay at home mom back in Lebanon, all the savings was technically his hard work, the family business was also his, and having that taken away from him was way harder on him than for me.

He left behind our home which technically had been his house ever since he was born. Having to close those doors and walk away was so deeply painful but since he’s incredibly strong he never showed it.

He had not only had to do that but he also had to be there for his 6-month pregnant hormonal wife that couldn’t think straight and his daughter who had her whole life uprooted.

I sometimes look back and think how incredibly amazing this man is and how I am the luckiest girl in the world to have him be mine.

We did have our moments of struggle where we were just not comprehending what the other person was saying, and I mean not at all.

We could have been saying the same exact thing and somehow, we were not understanding that or not listening because the thoughts in our heads were just a little bit louder than reason.

But I have to say that ever since we decided to go on a date and turned off all the noise we were able to re-look at each other and see that we have been there right beside each other fighting the fight together even if it didn’t seem that way.

We silently looked at each other and made a promise that we are going to laugh more and smile more even if it is hard because being angry at the world is only going to make things worse.

Most of all, we are going to listen to each other even if the other person isn’t actually saying something with words.

We have been in sync for so long that we just have to remember what we were like before we were thrown off course.

When we got married, we promised each other, through thick or thin, we would be there and that giving up would never be an option… so here we are fighting through… together.

I know deep down we will be okay. We just have to be patient that life is going to turn around and we will find our path in this new place.

Everything happens for a reason and I am ready to see what this reason is.

Mario and I have a passion for each other and our family and nothing is going to change that, no matter how hard life tries to mess things up, the bones of this relationship were built the right way that nothing can change that.



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